Smart Phone Accessories

Smart Phone Accessories

We are specializing in manufacturing various kinds of smart phone accessories, including phone cases, phone holders, phone ring holders, phone card holders, phone charms, phone straps and earbud holders.
A customized phone case can make your phone cool, and is critical for protecting your phone from damage. It can also prevent scratches, dents, and dust. Material for phone case can be can be silicone, TPU, PC; logo can be silkscreen printed, offset printed, digital UV printed, and also can combined with embroidery and leather, as well as gemstones. 

Phone holders, phone ring holders and phone straps are simply designed to make you easy to hold or carry the phones, can make based on various material.

The anti-slip phone card holders are made of silicone or plastic material, are attached to phone with nano traceless and reusable adhesive tape, it’s perfect to hold cards. 
The earbud holders are made of silicone, used to hold the earbuds in order.

All the smart phone accessories have existed molds to save cost for you, and can have customized logo printed to brand your company. 
Feel free to contact us once you want to make your custom made smart phone accessories to hit your market.


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