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When people think about the car brand, things like quality, technological innovation and reliability come to mind. Brilliant supplied custom made car emblem, car grille badges, auto emblems in supereminent quality by using traditional processes and skilled craftsmen.  

Every car bears a name and every brand has its own distinct history and meaning. Car emblems are synonymous with the car and its driver. Behind the creation and evolution of a personalized car emblem, there’s often tradition, folklore and mystery. They are suitable for various of cars, motorcycles, transport vehicles, motorcycle clubs/auto clubs or even machines, household appliances, furnitures, electronic toys, fitness equipment or anything you like. 

Our car emblems are manufactured by 100% copper raw material and cloisonné, which can be preserved for 100 years without color changing to embody the status symbol of the car itself and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The exquisite finishing and the high polishing can make your customized car emblems look unique and gorgeous. There are also wide variety of accessories available to meet your different requirements, such as threads with bolts, back plates, double adhesive backing etc.

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Cloisonne Color Guide

custom car emblem- Cloisonne Color Guide

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